Compose is an experimental programming language. It aims to be:

Compose also prioritizes a lot of things other programming languages don’t even acknolwedge as problems. For more details, read more about my goals for Compose, and the FAQ. If you just can’t get enough of my ranting, you might also like my manifesto.


Work is currently underway on TSCE0, the Compose Compiler and Editor Mark Zero (TypeScript incarnation). Multiple marathons remain to be run before I get close to completing my myriad goals, but I wager I’ve got a few more decades before I die, so I feel good about my chances of achieving them.


Compose is being created by Michael Bayne <>. Feel free to contact me if you like to talk about the utter insanity of trying to foist another programming language on the world.


Compose is hosted on Github, so you can see it grow in all its fitful, misdirected glory.